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  • Gary Harless
    Written by Gary Harless
    Welcome to Deep Run Renovations!


    On behalf of the Deep Run Renovations family, I would like to personally welcome you to our website. We have made a significant investment in our site in order to provide you with both a breadth and depth of homeowner, project, and industry experiences. We encourage you to spend time here and absorb the information We are a full-service home remodeling firm serving the Greater Richmond area in Virginia.about our home remodeling and new construction company and our Customers. We are extremely proud of the services we provide. Our web presence is a direct reflection of this and an indication of the manner in which we approach our client's needs.


    We know that our website is a launching point and that only through talking and working with us directly will we be able to demonstrate how we differentiate ourselves from others in the industry. We look forward to hearing from you to begin brainstorming and defining your new home space. Enjoy the website!

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  • Origin

    As homeowners ourselves, we experienced our fair share of home improvement contractors and handymen over the years. We saw first-hand the failure to return our phone calls, show up for appointments, and perform follow-up communications . . . an overall poor customer experience. We observed a tremendous deficiency in the home remodeling and construction industry and an opportunity to start a company that could both perform quality work AND provide a positive customer experience before, during, and after the project.


    With well over 30 combined years of consulting and project management expertise, years of weekend warrior remodeling of all shapes and sizes, and 3 personally-built additions to our own home, in 2002, we formed Deep Run Renovations...with a few simple goals in mind:

    • Be responsive to customers – call them back, keep appointments, keep them updated on progress
    • Provide unparalleled customer service, regardless of the size of the project
    • Identify and retain key personnel who share the same focus on both end product and overall customer experience

    Deep Run Renovations is a full-service residential or home remodeling firm proudly serving the greater Richmond, Virginia community. We offer a broad range of both renovation and new construction services, specializing in kitchen remodels, bath remodels, and outdoor living spaces. We understand that home remodeling comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and budgets. Our goal is to provide excellence in workmanship and unparalleled customer service regardless of the size of your project.  We anxiously wait for an opportunity to share a truly unique and innovative remodeling experience with you.

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    Design/Build is a process where an entire home remodeling project, from concept through final walkthrough, is organized and implemented by a single company. The same team designs and builds the project, which fosters a more complete understanding of the job. It creates operational efficiencies and ensures that the job is done correctly at each step and minimizes challenges (or problems!) passed from one firm to another. This concept results in better management of time, budget, quality, and resources.



    • Your designer has immediate access to construction expertise during all phases of design, including the most appropriate and cost-effective construction materials and methods.
    • Eliminates the concern and frustration that comes with using an outside entity that develops ideas that can not be executed; develops ideas that are cost prohibitive; or develops ideas that do not pass local code or zoning regulations. What is designed can actually be built.
    • Expectations are set correctly upfront. There is no “I wonder if the designer meant…” Since the designer is part of the team, everyone (the client, the designer, the construction team) is on the same page at the start of the Build phase. Gaps are closed and everyone understands what needs to be built.
    • Provides single point of responsibility and accountability that enables more consistent construction throughout the project and more consistent service well after the project is completed.


    Getting Started

    Once you have an initial idea of what you would like to achieve, you will sit down with one of our designers and Managing Owner, Gary Harless, for a gratis consultation to discuss the project goals, design criteria and objectives, and overall budget. A proposal will then be submitted to you describing the work to be performed and the pricing scenario(s) that best fit the scope of your project. Although executing with the same company, the Design and Build phases are completely separate contractual activities. In other words, you are in no way committed to move forward with the Build upon completion of the Design. We obviously strive for a Design deliverable that can immediately be put into the Build phase, but we also realize that many factors drive the ultimate start date of a larger project. Regardless of timing, Deep Run Renovations remains your consistent partner from one phase to another.

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  • Following the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties, a rehabilitation project endeavors to return the house / property to a state much as it would have been during the span of time in which significant events and activities occurred. New rooms, closets, and features of the property (often accomplished via a remodel) are removed and original features are repaired, thus returning the house to its presumed original state. Modern appliances and energy systems are then injected to make the house functional by today's living standards.

    Our historic renovation projects center around achieving the right balance between modern building materials, budget, and preservation of original elements of the property. Working closely with the Virginia Department of Historic Resources and the Alliance to Conserve Old Richmond Neighborhoods, aka ACORN, we have a methodology and supporting plan to complete renovations that comply with the Secretary of the Interior’s standards for rehabilitation. These standards are critical in projects looking to apply for Federal and State Rehabilitation Tax Credits. These credits are dollar-for-dollar reductions in income tax liability for taxpayers who rehabilitate historic buildings.

    Our work can be seen first hand in the Church Hill area, site of St. John's Church where Patrick Henry's immortal words uttered in 1775 ".... Give me liberty or give me death," continue to attract residents to this neighborhood of living history. Located from North 20th Street to 32nd Street and from East Franklin Street to Jefferson Parkway and M Street, Church Hill is one of the largest preserved nineteenth century neighborhoods in the United States.

    Service Area: We serve the Greater Richmond area in Virginia (VA).

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    Whether a detached single-family home or an addition to your existing home, we believe new construction should be an enjoyable and exciting project and we work with you to ensure that this is exactly your experience. Our staff has the capability of completing any project you may have. Whether it's a new 3,500 square foot colonial home, a 2,000 square foot addition, or even a modest 200 square foot addition, the staff at Deep Run Renovations is eager to satisfy.

    A number of national magazines publish detailed guides to the return on investment of various kinds of remodeling and home improvement projects. Master suite additions and kitchen remodels continue to be the most popular. In general, you should be able to recoup about ¾ of the investment for a family room or bathroom addition if your house is sold within a year.

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