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As with kitchens and family rooms, it's becoming increasingly popular to unify an adjacent bedroom and bathroom by installing bathroom cabinetry that has more of a bedroom feel. The modern term for this is "furniture-style" vanities. While they certainly can sharpen up the look of a bathroom, they don't always fit, literally. They are very well suited for larger bathrooms or those with lots of wall space. In this manner, they can be best installed in what I feel is an all-to-common, left-out phrase in this type of install.....free-standing, furniture-style vanities.

This type of furniture is often constructed, by design, with curved sides, feet, and other non-straight trim. While certainly appear more stylish, if one attempts to place such a piece of cabinetry up against a wall, whether on one or both sides, it can completely diffuse the visual appeal. This type of non free-standing install, by far the most common situation, can be very tricky to tie in the countertop with the sidesplash(es), the baseboard trim, and any other shoe molding along adjacent walls. Based completely on the design of the cabinet, this can quickly fall from what appeared to be a very classy piece of furniture into a square-peg-round-hole piece of cabinetry that was forced into the space.

In some cases, again in larger bathrooms, it may be possible to remove the conflict with an adjacent wall and get a shorter length vanity, say from a 60" to a 48". I recommend at least 12" of space from the edge of cabinet to the wall as anything less becomes a cleaning issue and still falls into the slightly-forced category.

So keep in mind when looking for furniture-style vanities exactly where the piece will go and how things around it will work. Like any remodeling project, a good one is one where all the pieces flow and coordinate together. Don't force an odd-egg of a furniture-style vanity into your bathroom space if the space doesn't call for it!

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