Project Objective: An existing pergola constructed of untreated wood products was about to collapse. While the pergola provided some level of relief from the sun and heat, a permanent roof was preferred.
Project Objective: Already a nice size deck....for baking in the afternoon sun and getting eaten by mosquitoes!  An uncovered deck in the central Virginia summer can often be more of a curse than a blessing.   A screened room, however, extends the usability of such a space from maybe three…
Project Objective: Protection from mosquitoes!!  Nearly twenty nears after initial construction, the only ones getting enjoyment out of the existing 10 x 14 deck were a virtual civilization of mosquitoes.  The homeowners simply desired the ability to take back their yard to those who make the monthly payments on the…
Project Objective: A preexisting screened porch was not quite as well constructed and functional as the homeowner desired. Bucking the popular trend of creating screened enclosures in this area, the homeowner was more concerned about relief from the baking sun and creating exterior space that was a better fit with…
Project Objective: Providing some much needed protection from the afternoon sun was the main objective in this project. However, a standard (in both material and design) was not what the homeowner was looking for. Instead, a porch that created a distinct statement was the far better solution in this situation.
Project Objective: The relatively small 10 x 16 existing deck provided little elbow room for modern outdoor entertaining.  The couple was seeking a larger space that could accommodate both outdoor eating and casual entertaining.
Project Objective: With a nicely shaded back yard and patio already, the homeowner desired a bit more outdoor space that was protected from the rain and mosquitoes. A longer term goal with short-term construction implications was to convert this space into at least a three-season room if not a fully…
Project Objective: The goal of this project was simply to seek relief from the elements upon entering the front door.
Project Objective: With the rear of house facing due south and few mature trees within sight, the baked in the sun most of the day and were eaten by mosquitoes at night. Relief from both sun and bugs was of high priority for this project.
Project Objective: Simultaneously with construction of a new front porch, the customers also wanted to create a new outdoor space in the rear of the home. A roofed structure, screening to protect against the bugs, some level of privacy, and a fireplace to unwind at the end of the day…
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