Bobby Perkins

Bobby Perkins


From Newport News, VA

Bobby has been in the electrical industry since 1985 and acquired his masters license in 2003. He started Diversified Electrical Services in 2004 and it is classified as a Class A Contractor. The company currently has three full-time employees, three fully-tooled service vans and a bucket truck. They believe in providing a quality electrical installation with quality components within an acceptable time frame and at a compelling price. Bobby is proud to be part of the outstanding team that Gary has assembled with Deep Run Renovations. 

When not working, Bobby is most likely hunting. He has even known to answer his cell phone while sitting in a tree!

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Bobby Perkins

“The finished product is really incredible. We are so happy with how things turned out, how functional it is, how much more space there is. Expanding to get a separate shower was absolutely the right thing to do. Couldn’t be happier with how things turned out! The bathroom is awesome.”